‘Youth Ride Free’ program starts to see an increase in riders

RAPID CITY. S.D. — Rapid City has seen a slight increase in the number school-aged riders using the ‘Youth Ride Free’ program.

The ‘Youth Ride Free” program is becoming popular again now that the positive COVID-19 cases continue to go down.

But these numbers are very low in comparison to the number of riders who used to program before the pandemic.

Darrell Shoemaker, Rapid City Communications Coordinator said “before covid hit a year ago we were in the 12, 13, 14 thousand youth boardings per month so its been a remarkable decrease. We’re pleased that the numbers are staying pretty steady seeing some slight inclines. And we want to kinda ride this through until we get to the end of the school year.”

The city is hopeful that with public pools and other things open this summer that more youth will start to take advantage of this program again.

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