“Youth Ride Free” program sees highest monthly turnout since March 2020

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City’s Youth Ride Free program is bouncing back after 2020, with the number of youth passengers this September hitting it’s highest since March of last year.

“When COVID hit and schools had to adjust their schedules, things were kinda pulled back – so once things kinda have started up again I think it’s been a little bit slow for parents to kinda come back, youth to kinda come back,” says Darrell Shoemaker, communications coordinator with the City of Rapid City. “So we’re pleased when we reset and we look at last years numbers. Seeing that we’re at 4,200…we’re seeing that number on the steady incline and we like to see that.”

Rapid Transit Cares ActRapid Transit saw 4,200 youth passenger trips during the month of September. The 4,200 passengers is up from 1,900 in September 2020 but still down from the 13,492 in September 2019.

“So that was a solid month for us for September – especially compared to last year when obviously we had the impacts of COVID,” Shoemaker says.

He says the Youth Ride Free program is a safe and reliable option for transportation, especially in the winter months.

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