Youth boxers enter ring to battle breast cancer

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Youth fighters put their gloves up in support of those fighting outside ring – and more importantly, for their lives.

Rapid City Youth Boxing took a couple jabs at cancer with their Annual Help KO Breast Cancer event at Martinez Boxing Club on Saturday.

Teams from five different states pitted their boxers in 17 bouts throughout the awareness fight.

Fighters stepped into the ring and fought their opponent with all their heart, similar to how breast cancer patients must fight their disease.

Matches counted towards the fighter’s record, but the fights were meant to relate each boxer to the battle that those with cancer must contend with.

Coaches said that while some may not be directly affected by breast cancer, all kids should know of its dangers.

Three Nation Boxing Coach Helaman Hale said that the disease could affect the lives of those close to the boxers.

“We all have mothers; we all have sisters,” Hale said. “No matter how tough these guys are, they get in there and they fight hard – and if they lose, who do they want? They don’t want their girlfriend most of the time. They want their momma.”

Money raised from the entrance fee will go toward breast cancer research organizations and the boxing club’s travel fund.

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