Young girl’s legacy lives on through community service and compassion

RAPID CITY, S.D. –  Anna LeFort was a 12 -year-old girl, known for her creativity, kindness, and courage. Along with that she was an honor student, a member of the soccer team, and spent her free time as a volunteer at the Humane Society. 

Classmates and teammates described Anna as someone who made sure no one was left out and always made people feel included.

“She was older than us so she would always just protect us in soccer if we fell down or anyone was mean to us,” said her close friend Anna Mueller. 

Shortly before starting eighth grade in 2016  her family moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan. Just a little less than 8 months later Anna contracted the flu and pneumonia. After a six week battle, she passed away.

Her family turned an unthinkable situation into something positive. They created Anna’s Day of Kindness which actually spans a total of 3 days. 

The weekend-long event is an opportunity for volunteers to spread kindness in her honor. It is a time to share compassion with seniors citizens, the homeless, and a cause close to Anna’s heart,  rescued animals.

It’s celebrated in both Rapid City and Ann Arbor.  Middle school kids are given the opportunity to volunteer and spread kindness just as Anna did during her life.

“I’m so honored to be back in the community to plant seeds of kindness and love in the same way that I know she would and she did while she was here with us,” said Fran LeFort, Anna’s mother.

Volunteering continues through Saturday at the Club for Boys,  Youth and Family Services, and of course the Humane Society.

She found joy in giving to others and her family and friends hope to continue to spread that kindness in her name for years to come.

“You know, I know she’s in heaven and I know I’m going to see her again and I’m so thankful for that,” said her mother Fran. 

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