Young coders gather for first Holiday Hackathon

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Code Ninjas held its first Holiday Hackathon this weekend to teach children coding skills and create something fun.

Young coders worked to design games that fit specific criteria within a limited amount of time, using skills taught at the Code Center. The program’s senseis (teachers) were available to assist young coders and judge their finished products.

With kids participating in age divisions of 5-9 and 10-14, Code Ninjas proves no one is too young to learn coding. Participants said that the event helps reinforce a skill that will become more and more useful in the workforce.

Anybody that has any interest in the new language that’s pretty much taking over the industries all over,” said Liberty Brink, Hackathon participant. “It’s really simple concepts that it’s not hard to get started. It’s just however much you want to put in it, is how far you’ll go.”

And skills learned at Code Ninjas go beyond coding, preparing kids for a variety of obstacles in life.

This program is really an amazing opportunity for kids any age, boys and girls,” said Renee Troiani, another participant. “Whatever they like to do I think it’s a great learning experience. It’s not just about coding it’s also about taking these skills and applying them to life in general and it give kids a place to hang out and have fun and learn a bunch of new things.”

The winning groups received day passes for coding camps at Code Ninjas, and a submission to the national competition, where prizes include robotics kits, 3D printers and tablets.

To learn more about the programs offered by Code Ninjas, click HERE.

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