YMCA summer camp looks slightly different this year due to COVID-19

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Each year the YMCA in Rapid City hosts a summer camp for school-aged children.

Every day of the week, campers are bussed out to Giraffic Park where they have acres of land to play on and explore.

Being that the park itself has plenty of space, the campers don’t have to wear masks once they arrive.

The biggest change that campers are facing is that they are required to wear masks and social distance on the bus ride over. The YMCA provides each child with a mask, but they can also choose to wear one that they have from home.

“It’s one child to a seat,” said Alisa Cunningham, the Youth Development Director. “Every child has to put on a face mask before they get on the bus. The only time we share seats is if they’re siblings.”

With school starting up soon, officials are unsure whether students should be required to wear masks. Some believe that it could be difficult to get children into the habit and it could be distracting.

The YMCA says they haven’t had any issues with mask-wearing – and most of the kids are so excited to go to camp, that they don’t think twice about wearing them.

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