Yikes: Cool temperatures for late August

A cooler pattern looks likely for the late portions of August going possibly into Labor Day

  • clouds are starting to clear out this morning as temperatures slowly, but surely climb their way into the 70s
  • Possibility of some thunderstorms this afternoon in the higher elevations of the Black Hills and the Bighorns out towards Sheridan
  • Most distinct storm activity should remain out in Wyoming, where better ingredients look likely later this afternoon

  • Most of us will be lucky to hit 80° today, as cooler air continues to hold the area hostage
  • This is despite the fact that southeasterly winds continue to bring moisture into the region

  • Most of us will stay dry over the next couple of days, with Southerly winds dictating our current pattern at least through Friday
  • Thursday could see breezy conditions, with gusts up to 30 mph from the South

  • Most of Thursday should remain dry until the evening hours, before things get going in Wyoming
  • Midnight rumblers look likely going into Friday morning for the Black Hills.
  • Models are struggling with whether or not its going North of South of the Hills, which tells me there might be a little of both
  • Poissible I-90 cruiser through Sturgis, Piedmont, Nemo and Blackhawk respectively at 2 AM or so. Could be interesting, i’m watching Late Thursday evening with interest

  • Turning our attention to the long range, we have a wallop of a trough that will be funneling well below normal temperatures into our region this weekend going into next week
  • High temperatures could be as low as the mid 60s, and this is with sunshine. this would be about 20-25° below normal for this time of year

  • The well above normal heat that the Gulf of Alaska experienced over the summer is paying dividends to our weather systems in late August.
  • With more moisture evaporating, it’s altering the dynamics of air masses in both Alaska and the region, this is pushing ridges into the West coast and forcing troughs through the North Central Plains
  • When heat is forced north, it makes the jet stream roller coaster higher and faster, hence our crazy winter and wet summer

Unsettled weather and cooler temperatures look fairly plausible at this point for Labor Day. Long range is iffy at best, but the dynamics make sense and the climatology answers these long range questions about not only what has been happening, to what could be happening in the not too distant future of September. It’ll be a fascinating forecast to unravel, but for some in the AG community we’re hoping for heat and sunshine to last a little bit longer… but not TOO much. Always a balance. Be safe out there! -Brant

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