Wyoming officials warn travelers not to bring pot through their state

LARAMIE, WY — In the summer as people pass through Wyoming for the Rally and countless other events, law enforcement has a message for people buying marijuana in Colorado.

They say Wyoming doesn’t want your weed.

State officials want to remind visitors, marijuana is not legal in the state of Wyoming.

State authorities say they are concerned about drug related car crashes. In June 9 people were injured in 17 drug related accidents and five people have died in crashes across the state so far this year.

But if you’re in their state, and they suspect you might be under the influence, law enforcement is going to check it out.

“If we can develop some sort of reasonable suspicion that they may be under the influence of a controlled substance, then that may be carried further into doing more of an investigation,” said Laramie County Sheriff’s Office Operations/Personnel Captain Linda Gesell. “Just to actively stand at the border and randomly stop people coming north from Colorado, we cannot do that.”

County officials say they can’t track where all of the drugs entering the state are from, but they say a lot of the marijuana is coming from Colorado.

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