WxChat – Weather Blog Discussion – 4/24/2022

Meteorologist Erik Dean talks about how I-90 is reopen, and he'll have a sneak peek of the long range forecast.

Good afternoon! By a show of hands…or likes…How many of you had a heck of a time falling asleep last night due to the wind howling? I’m definitely one of you! Simply put, caffeine is definitely my best friend today.

Time for some serious news, I-90 is now open from Sturgis to the Wyoming State Line. Some roads are still dealing with slick spots, and have high blow over risk. Even though it’s open, please still use extra caution if you have to travel.

Here’s a look at some of the D.O.T. Cameras across I-90. It appears that I-90 from Gillette to Buffalo, WY is still closed at this time. The ETA on that reopening is still unknown.
9 Panel Interactive Camera Network

To check the roads for South Dakota, CLICK HERE
To check the roads for Wyoming, CLICK HERE



In the video, I discuss the long range (6-10 & 8-14 day.) So you’ll definitely want to listen to that.

The next 7 days though, we go back up into the 60s for the majority of the work-week. Then we increase precipitation chances and cool off just in time for the weekend, again. As we know, the rain chances are definitely much needed in the area as we are still well below normal for precipitation for 2022.
Temperature 7 Day

I will see you bright and early starting at 5:30 AM on NewsCenter1 Today. Until then, have a fun and safe rest of your weekend.

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