WRESTLING: RC Central sweeps home triangular

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Rapid City Central wrestling team went 2-0 in a triangular meet Thursday at Naasz Gymnasium.

The Cobblers beat Douglas 50-18 and then defeated Spearfish 50-27.

Spearfish also knocked off Douglas 51-31.



Featured Highlights

120 pounds: John Jeffery, Spearfish defeated Logan Brown, Central  (Fall 3:55)

126: Mason Schmitz, Spearfish defeated Blake Broderick, Central  (Fall 3:12)

132: Aiden Kracht, Spearfish defeated Gabe Kenton, Central  (Fall 1:55)

138: Cael Larson, Central defeated Quinten Carlson, Spearfish (Fall 1:33)

152: TJ Morrison, Central defeated Bailey Badwound, Spearfish (Dec 4-3)




Rapid City Central 50 vs. Spearfish 27

106: Jagar McCarthy (RCC) over Maraia Kruske (SPEA) (TF 15-0 4:00)

113: Josh Hoffman (SPEA) over Riley Schmidt (RCC) (Dec 6-0)

120: John Jeffery (SPEA) over Logan Brown (RCC) (Fall 3:55)

126: Mason Schmitz (SPEA) over Blake Broderick (RCC) (Fall 3:12)

132: Aiden Kracht (SPEA) over Gabe Kenton (RCC) (Fall 1:55)

138: Cael Larson (RCC) over Quinten Carlson (SPEA) (Fall 1:33)

145: Oakley Blakeman (SPEA) over (RCC) (For.)

152: TJ Morrison (RCC) over Bailey Badwound (SPEA) (Dec 4-3)

160: Graydon Bakke (RCC) over Dawson Craig (SPEA) (Fall 1:12)

170: Landin Winter (RCC) over (SPEA) (For.)

182: David Miller (RCC) over (SPEA) (For.)

195: Jaxon Morrison (RCC) over (SPEA) (For.)

220: Nick Preble (RCC) over (SPEA) (For.)

285: Jackson Witte (RCC) over (SPEA) (For.)



Spearfish 51 vs. Douglas 31

170: Double Forfeit 182: Landon Chance (DOUG) over (SPEA) (For.)

195: Jake Canaday (DOUG) over (SPEA) (For.)

220: Asher Peil (SPEA) over Bridger Harmon-Sharp (DOUG) (Fall 3:51)

285: Malik Ahmed-Hosie (DOUG) over (SPEA) (For.)

: Parker Graveman (SPEA) over Braden Huffman (DOUG) (Fall 1:39)

: Evan Wilson (SPEA) over Travis Luthy (DOUG) (Fall 5:45)

106: Maraia Kruske (SPEA) over Taylor Lindstrom (DOUG) (Fall 2:44)

113: Josh Hoffman (SPEA) over Alejandro Martinez (DOUG) (Fall 0:20)

120: Kale Crowser (DOUG) over John Jeffery (SPEA) (Dec 9-5)

126: Mason Schmitz (SPEA) over Aiden Russell (DOUG) (Fall 3:12)

132: Aiden Kracht (SPEA) over Casen Tibbetts (DOUG) (Dec 9-7)

138: John Updike (DOUG) over Quinten Carlson (SPEA) (MD 11-2)

145: Oakley Blakeman (SPEA) over Morgan Sandal (DOUG) (Fall 2:37)

152: Bailey Badwound (SPEA) over Logan Huber (DOUG) (Fall 0:56)

160: Payton DeWitt (DOUG) over Dawson Craig (SPEA) (Fall 0:31)



Rapid City Central 50 vs. Douglas 18

182: David Miller (RCC) over (DOUG) (For.)

195: Jaxon Morrison (RCC) over Jake Canaday (DOUG) (Fall 1:45)

220: Nick Preble (RCC) over Bridger Harmon-Sharp (DOUG) (Fall 0:24)

285: Malik Ahmed-Hosie (DOUG) over Jackson Witte (RCC) (Fall 4:10)

106: Jagar McCarthy (RCC) over (DOUG) (For.)

113: Riley Schmidt (RCC) over Alejandro Martinez (DOUG) (Fall 0:34)

120: Kale Crowser (DOUG) over Logan Brown (RCC) (SV-1 4-2)

126: Blake Broderick (RCC) over Aiden Russell (DOUG) (Dec 9-3)

132: Casen Tibbetts (DOUG) over Gabe Kenton (RCC) (Fall 0:44)

138: Double Forfeit 145: Cael Larson (RCC) over Morgan Sandal (DOUG) (Fall 1:20)

152: TJ Morrison (RCC) over Logan Huber (DOUG) (TF 15-0 2:00)

160: Payton DeWitt (DOUG) over Graydon Bakke (RCC) (Dec 4-3)

170: Landin Winter (RCC) over (DOUG) (For.)

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