Wrangler Team Tournament Roping Championships offer national sponsorship for the first time

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The Central States fair hosted year 16 of the Wrangler Team Roping Championships. Local and out-of-state cowboys and cowgirls battled to win prizes, sponsorships and bragging rights.

The event, which is for professionals and lovers of the sport alike, had approximately 1600 teams during the two day competition. Organizers say they believe a few key factors drove the turnout.

“The weather has been phenomenal so it’s allowed people to travel, and I think everybody’s just tired of 2020 so they’re wanting to kick off 2021 just right, and I don’t blame then because we all are,” said producer Travis Tryan.

The contest uses a handicap system allowing amateurs of all ages and abilities to take part.

For the first time since its inception, amateur ropers were given a chance to win sponsorships from national companies.

Jim Tiltrum who is the owner of Triple R Tack has been coming to the Wrangler Team Roping Competition since it began. He says events such as these keep his business afloat.

“If it wasn’t for these events and these particular cowboys, cowgirls, kids that rope we probably wouldn’t have a business so when we can come out and support them. It works good for both of us.”

Finals for the team roping competition will be in Billings, Montana at the end of September.

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