World War II veteran celebrates his 100th Birthday


Orville Hengen of Rapid City is a WWII army veteran who was right there on the front line. Today, family and friends joined Orville to celebrate his 100th birthday at the Edgewood Assisted Living Center. Orville has seen it all, he started working out of high school to help support his parents, that is until Uncle Sam came calling.

He and his brother, Raymond, both were serving in Belgium as mechanics until Orville was recruited to drive tanks. And on July 4th, 1945 Orville was one of the first american soldiers to enter Berlin. Orville’s family said they’re blessed to see so many people came to celebrate his century of life.

His son Orville Hengen Jr. said “It is quite a show of respect for dad and for what he has done and he has raised a great family that he can be proud of. I think the only regret he has right now is that mom isn’t here to share it with him because we talked about that so often but unfortunately she passed away.”

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