Workforce Diversity of the Black Hills aims to represent disabled employees

CUSTER, S.D. — In Custer, Workforce Diversity of the Black Hills strides to make employment inclusive for all, no matter their ability.

Right now, South Dakota leads the nation in hiring people with disabilities.

Executive director, Catherine Greseth aims to keep that statistic into the future. She works out of her home in Custer but travels all over the western South Dakota, working with different area chambers to educate employers about working with disabled employees.

“Five percent of people are born with disabilities and the rest of us will acquire one through our lifetime whether it’s through an accident or illness,” said Greseth.  “Whenever people say to me, they’ll never hire someone with disabilities, I’m like you already have someone, they just haven’t told you.”

Greseth says many people forget that disabilities can be invisible and many fight them without telling their employer.


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