Work Session held to discuss important topics included in next week’s City Council meeting

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Rapid City Common Council met on Tuesday for a work session which was also the first combined meeting for Legal and Finance and Public Works.

The approval of a resolution to resolve three outstanding deeds related to the Rapid City Indian Boarding School lands was the main topic for Tuesday’s City Council work session. A resolution was drafted and some of the council members, as well as the Native American community, thought some of the resolution was phrased incorrectly and proposed a new resolution be redrafted.

“The resolution was kind of put on hold and then we had about five or six council members discuss where do you have concerns? What is the language concern that you have? And so one took the lead of redrafting the resolution and I have been told that it has been redrafted twice,” said Rapid City Common Council President Laura Armstrong.

Two out of the three parcels involved in the outstanding deeds related to the Indian Boarding School were given to Monument Health, which are now the Behavioral Health Center and Westhills Village. The other parcel was conveyed from the Rapid City Area School District and is now the Canyon Lake Activity Center.

A resolution will be presented at Monday’s City Council meeting and that resolution would take the first steps in resolving these outstanding land deeds.

“We’re doing our homework, we’re doing our research, we have people drafting this resolution and I really look forward to Monday’s council meeting. Because we will actually, hopefully, have another revised draft that we can look at, maybe even compare the first resolution to the rewrite and just do the right thing for the community,” said Armstrong.


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