Women’s March draws hundreds to Rapid City

Held in solidarity with the National Women's March

RAPID CITY S.D. – Hundreds took to the streets in Rapid City in solidarity with the National Women’s March.

Around 800 activists had their voices heard. The Women’s March was started by the National Organization for Women.

Created in the wake of the election of President Donald Trump, organizers seek to raise awareness about women’s rights.

“This is a really great avenue for us to give a voice to communities that aren’t given a voice,” said National Organization for Women South Dakota Chapter Vice President Jana Whetzal.

The march rolled through downtown Rapid City with cheers and chants.

“For us it’s about standing with workers across the world and showing solidarity with them,” said Jim Leon, the secretary of the Black Hills Socialist Party. “We’re all about equality, Democracy, and I think more importantly now we’re trying to counter the rise of white supremacy.

The march is held in communities across the world. Now in its third year, it also gives voice to other grassroots causes like Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women, the fight for clean water in the Black Hills, and LGBTQ Equality.

Though the political and social climate is different today than in 2016, organizers say the march brings the community together.

“With the tone change, more people show up and you see more support and we have more people show up to our meetings and you have a lot more grassroots activism that is valuable to the local community and our local organizations,”said Whetzal.

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