Women of Excellence event held to bring women of faith closer together

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The fifth annual Women of Excellence event Saturday at the Hilton Garden Inn in Rapid City. The event gave a chance for ladies in the community to gather in fellowship and study the Bible. The Women of Excellence event is held to encourage women in their faith to be as excellent as God has created them to be.

Event organizer Dr. Sandra Ogunremi says “It’s a gathering of women from all over the Black Hills Assembly of God’s Ministry churches as well as friends and so we have 26 churches represented. Visitors and friends from three different states and we are just so excited, we do this every year and God has just been awesome with his presence.”

Women of Excellence has seen a steady increase in attendance over the past few years and that kind of community faith is something they are happy to see. The event has some guest speakers attend to help spread faith and the word of God.

One of the guest speakers, Rev. Donna Moore, said “I would have come even if I wasn’t speaking because this is an excellent opportunity to just connect with each other, connect with God. So I did speak, I did have that opportunity to speak today but I am just glad to be a part of what God is doing in Rapid City.”

Some of the women in attendance come every year and are already planning on attending next year’s Women of Excellence event.

“The last five years I have been coming its a wonderful event,” said attendee Judy Koscak. “I think women need women and its a nice place for us to get together and be with our friends. It has become an annual event for me to come with my two daughters-in-law and we look forward to it every year and are already talking about next year.”

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