Woman hit in the head by hail says there was “no time” to find shelter at Pactola before Saturday storm

RAPID CITY, S.D. — If you witnessed or saw pictures of Saturday night’s storm in the Black Hills you may have noticed the large softball-sized hail dropping from the sky.

A Spearfish woman says she was destined for Jenny Gulch, on Pactola Lake in Rapid City, with family, when the hail started.

The woman, Sarah Robinson, was with four boys on the water when they noticed the first ball of hail bounce off the water. That was when the chaos to find shelter ensued.

“In it just a couple of minutes it started hitting in the water and I would say maybe within three minutes after that it really came full force,” Sarah Robinson, Spearfish resident. “There was like no time to find shelter.”

Robinson grabbed the two younger boys that were with her and placed an inner tube on top of the boys, for protection, leaving her exposed to the elements. She says her son was hit in the shoulder and as she moved to cover him further, she was hit in the head by a ball of ice.

She says the incident serves as a reminder that South Dakota weather is “unpredictable” and checking the radar before enjoying the outdoors is always a smart decision.


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