Wisconsin man seeks justice for dog left to die

(WTMJ)  Wisconsin authorities are searching for a man accused of leaving a dog to die in a hot truck parked along the side of Interstate 94, then lying about his identity in an effort to cover up his crime.

Andy Mena remembers his dog Ares with pictures and video of the playful pup.

Mena and his girlfriend, Melissa Gomez, both had to be out of the country on separate trips. Mena says his friend Javier Franco was supposed to stay in his suburban Chicago home with the dog. Instead, they got a call from Franco saying their truck was towed from I-94 in Kenosha and Ares was in the pound.

“What really happened is he left the car there because it broke down. He left all the windows rolled up. The car ran out of gas and he never decided to take the dog,” said Mena.

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office said Ares was found in the truck on a 79 degree day, curled up on the back floor, dead.


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