Winter Weather: Snow likely Friday into Saturday

Dry and windy conditions today will lead to a shift of Southeasterly winds on Friday afternoon, leading to some moderate accumulations in the Black Hills

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  • Rain/Snow showers will continue in some spots bust most areas will dry out as we proceed into the afternoon.
  • Winds will be breezy today, even gusty as you approach areas North of the Black Hills.

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  • Partly cloudy skies will give way to clearer conditions through the afternoon.
  • Use caution if you’re travelling South this morning, as you’ll be following the snow bands as they sink towards Nebraska and Colorado.

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  • 40s out towards the plains and 30s towards Northeastern Wyoming and the higher elevations of the Black Hills.
  • Gusty winds will make things feel on the chilly side, so bundling up may not be a bad idea.

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  • By tonight winds calm down and things further dry out.
  • Temperatures will hover around the teens and 20s overall, with perhaps a few 30s if you’re lucky.

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  • Friday is when things start picking up – the first part of the day should be dry and partly cloudy, but things will change as we approach the lunch hour.

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  • A low pressure system ejecting from Colorado will push across Nebraska, strafing us from the South.
  • This will bring Southeasterly winds, and moisture to the Southern portion of our area between noon and 3 PM

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  • These winds will be key on how this system develops going into Friday evening.
  • Some winds could gust up to 30-35 MPH from the Southeast, so plenty of upslope is expected.

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  • By 7 PM Friday we’re looking at some fairly decent snow coverage, with moderate to even heavy bands crossing the region.
  • This will be particularly true for areas of the Central and Southern Hills, where upslope and colder temperatures will feature more snow.
  • Breezy conditions could lead to low visibility, and travel impacts.

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  • Saturday morning could see a few stubborn snow bands sticking around, with The Higher elevations of the Black Hills seeing most of these leftover snow bands.

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  • We could see a break in the action by Saturday afternoon, clearing things up and drying things out overall.
  • Another system could make its way through the Northern portions of our area Saturday night into Sunday… but most should only see a few leftover snow showers.

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  • Accumulations look to be mostly concentrating towards West River and the South Dakota side of things.
  • The Eastern Foothills and Central/Southern Hills look to receive some of the higher amounts ranging from 2″-4″ to maybe 3″-6″ of snow.
  • Some areas could see 6+” of snow, given the abundant moisture and upslope flow.
  • Areas towards Ziebach county and North-Central South Dakota could see some heavier amounts as well, but we’ll track that forecast over the next 24 hours as I do expect it to shift.

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  • Travel plans Friday afternoon through Saturday should be monitored closely – snow covered roads and even some blowing and drifting snow will be possible, especially as you head towards Nebraska.

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Some noticeable shifts in the forecast this morning for next week, as a very clear “break” in the action look apparent Sunday through about Monday evening. I am anticipating next week to shift around… alot… but I still see a larger system on the horizon jockeying for position. So far, looks like any major systems have been pushed back from the Sunday-Monday timeline and more looks to be towards Wednesday-Thursday. Much can change though, we are still WAY more than three days out on this, but we’ll keep you all updated as we do. Be safe out there! More updates to follow on Friday regarding this weekends forecast. – Brant





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