Winter Weather: Potential travel impacts Sunday evening through Monday

Warm temperatures this weekend will give way to a vigorous system that could bring travel impacts to portions of the Black Hills Region

  • We’re expecting mostly sunny skies for both Friday and Saturday, with Friday seeing temperatures in the 40s and 50s and Saturday seeing temperatures in the 50s and 60s
  • Sunday will start warm much like Friday and Saturday, but an afternoon cold front will quickly change conditions.

  • colder temperatures and potentially gusty winds will move from the Northwest to the Southeast, first impacting areas of Northeastern Wyoming.
  • Whether this front brings immediate snow impacts is up for debate, but It looks as though snow will become more and more likely as the afternoon progresses.

  • By around 6-9 PM the Black Hills could potentially start to see impacts, with possible snow, gusty winds and dropping temperatures moving through the region.
  • Current forecast guidance shows a high likelihood of more vigorous snow bands in Wyoming.

  • Early Monday morning sees coverage increase, especially on the Wyoming side of things.
  • Travel could become difficult on I-90 between the Sundance and Sheridan.
  • This could also be true for those trying to travel South towards Cheyenne.

  • Some models show snow lingering well into Monday, and potentially even into the early morning hours of Tuesday.

  • It’s important not to take this snow map as gospel, as this will more than likely change before all is said and done – this does give a rough idea of where we could see some of the larger impacts.
  • Generally, the closer you are to the Bighorns the more likely you are to see heavier snow amounts.
  • Higher elevations of the Black Hills could see moderate to heavy accumulations, while the South Dakota plains could potentially see lighter impacts.

  • There is no reason to cancel plans or to make major shifts to your schedule just yet, as we are still three days out from the actual event.
  • We will continue to monitor forecast guidance and give you updates as the situation becomes more clear.

The Takeaway: Be prepared to make a few schedule changes in case travel impacts become more of a likelihood. I know there are many coming in for the Black Hills Stock Show, so we’ll be sure to keep a close eye on this one and provide any updates to the forecast as they become available. Good news is things look to improve Tuesday through the end of the week. Be safe out there! -Brant

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