Winter Weather Advisory for the Black Hills Region: Wind, snow and even colder air

A sharp cold front will enter the region from the Northwest much like Saturday and bring snow, wind and even colder temperatures this evening

  • Today will be chilly, but overall dry through the morning and afternoon with mostly sunny skies
  • Clouds will begin to gather from the northwest with our next approaching system this afternoon, some areas to our North may see a few flurries and snow showers as early as this afternoon

  • The National Weather Service in Billings, MT and Rapid City, SD have issued Winter Weather Advisories for our region
  • The Big Horns advisory will start at noon today, the Black Hills advisory will start at 6 pm this evening.
  • Varying amounts of accumulations are expected for different areas, but there are a few overall impacts that everyone will be seeing from this system

  • Much of the accumulation we receive will come hard and fast Monday evening, with a sharp cold front bringing wind, snow, and bitterly cold temperatures.
  • The good news is that this system is, much like Saturday’s was, a Clipper.
  • These don’t tend to carry much moisture with them, so exceedingly large amounts of accumulations aren’t likely – but given the cold temperatures and powdery snow we could have some high snow ratios regardless.
  • By about 7 PM the front will be moving through Northeastern Wyoming and areas North of the Black Hills, bringing a quick burst of snow, wind, and cold wind chills.

  • By about 9-11 PM Our system will continue to cruise down the I-90 corridor, bringing low visibility and slick roads.
  • Wind gusts up to 35 mph, much likely higher than that towards Box Elder and Rapid City as our system pivots around the Eastern Foothills.
  • During this brief burst of snow activity, this is where we will get most of our accumulations – this is not expected to be an 8-10 hour event.
  • These Clipper systems use hit and run tactics – just as you think things are looking better, another snow squall moves through and you’re right back in it.
  • Use caution this evening if you plan on traveling, especially as things will be dark and our cold temperatures will allow road surfaces to quickly freeze and become icy.

  • By about 6-8 AM tomorrow, most heavier snow bands have moved South, with a few exceptions in the northern hills as upslope enhancement stubbornly hang on.
  • It’ll be breezy, and very cold. Make sure you are properly dressed for the conditions as you head out the door Tuesday morning

  • Given our colder temperatures, snow ratios will be a little higher and cold mean more accumulations before all is said and done, but I think the numbers I’ve posted are appropriate given the speed and strength of the system.
  • I think the Northern Hills could surprise us with upslope enhancement and hit the 6″ mark, perhaps even more in some isolated pockets.
  • Anyone wanting to travel between Wall and Sundance on I-90 should monitor road conditions carefully this evening if you plan on travelling, as winds could reduce visibility even with relatively light accumulations

  • Temperatures Tuesday morning aren’t unheard of, but they’ll definitely be out of the ordinary for this time of year.
  • Cover exposed areas, and take the cold seriously – breezy northwest winds tomorrow morning will not make things any easier for those who are outside

  • Wednesday will be drier, but still chilly with temperatures barely reaching the mid-20s
  • Halloween looks a little bit warmer, with a small chance of light snow showers being possible Thursday evening, we’ll monitor that.


This system will be alot like Saturday’s – fast and furious with a whole lot of bark but not much bite after all is said and done. Once again, Smart choices and good driving habits should be sufficient to get to where you need to go. Check road conditions before you walk out the door both tonight and Tuesday morning, and bring that heavy coat that you dread having to pull out this early. We already have broken today’s record for low temperatures, and no doubt we’ll do the same tomorrow and Wednesday. Treat the next couple days like January, and drive the conditions. Black Ice will be an issue with the cold temperatures. Be safe out there, and thank you for trusting us with your forecast. – Brant

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