Winner, SD native prepares for biggest fight in MMA Bellator 265 bout

Deven Fisher is getting ready to for his biggest fight - towards the end of his career.

RAPID CITY, S.D. — Deven Fisher is getting ready to for his biggest fight – towards the end of his career.

The Winner, South Dakota native has fought the fight and walked the walk – but now he’s got a chance for a great ending to a 16-year career.

“As soon as my foot hits that canvas, right, it s going to be like a childhood dream for me, so whatever happens after that, happens, but I’ve fulfilled something that I’ve always driven to do,” Fisher said.

He’s set to fight on August 20 at the Sanford Arena on Bellator 265 in Sioux Falls.

Fisher’s journey to fighting was actually in his blood.

“My dad was a professional kickboxer,” Fisher said. “My grandpa, on my mom’s side and all my uncles were boxers, so at a very young age I was thrown in there, you know, super loving people but in your face, kinda ‘get it done and get it done right’ kind of thing.”

It started off rough – after getting a late round submission in his first fight – he thought it was over.

“Went back to the locker room, puked all over the place, felt terrible, you know, thought I m never doing something like that again,” Fisher said. “It was the hardest thing I’d ever done.”

It wasn’t over for Fisher.

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That fight spurred roughly 50 more amateur fights – leading him to a 22-13-2 record.

He’s 5-8 in the pros.

Even though he’s approaching the end – he’ll still be around.

“You know, I’m young, I’m only 31 but I like to say that I’m a young car with a lot of miles, you know, so I’ve been doing this for a long time,” Fisher said. “My passion is more in the youth and getting them into Martial Arts.”

Fisher and his team at Meraki Box Gym in Rapid City are ready for the trip to the big stage.

“There’s so many memories that come along with it all, outside of the fighting, you know, I’m super grateful just to have the team that I have here now, actually,” Fisher said.

And as his experience has taught him – it’ll be one step at a time.

“Something martial arts will teach you is, small steps will take you to the top,” Fisher said.

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