Wind, Snow and Cold: Clipper moving through tonight

An Alberta Clipper will move through Wednesday evening and is expected to leave light accumulations across the area.

Futurecast Radar

  • Today will start out Partly Cloudy with highs reaching into the 30’s and low 40’s, lower temperatures in the plains.
  • A Cold Front will push through the area, bringing brief snowfall and breezy conditions
  • Areas of the Northern Black Hills could receive 3-5″, the foothills and plains receiving up to 1″, maybe less
  • While this pushes through, areas of blowing snow and temporary reduced visibility are possible
  • Colder temperatures will follow the front, plunging into the single digits by Thursday morning, perhaps even negatives in some spots.

Here’s a look at temperatures as of 4:15 this morning.

Here are expected conditions later today

Expected snow totals for our area by Thursday morning. Some isolated spots in the Northern Hills could see up to 5-6″

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