Wind Cave to host Lakota cultural presentation by Darrell Red Cloud July 30

Darrell Red Cloud At Wind Cave

Darrell Red Cloud will be presenting a special evening program at Wind Cave on July 30. (NPS Photo)

WIND CAVE NATIONAL PARK, S.D. — Darrell Red Cloud, great-great grandson of Chief Red Cloud, will present a free, one hour talk on Lakota culture Saturday, July 30 at the Wind Cave National Park Elk Mountain Campground Amphitheater beginning at 9 p.m.

Red Cloud is a fluent speaker of the Lakota language and a graduate of the Oglala Lakota College with a bachelor’s degree in Lakota Culture.

“Darrell is a masterful storyteller who has been educating and entertaining audiences for years,” said Superintendent Leigh Welling. “Listening to him present a program about the Lakota culture at our amphitheater is a wonderful way to end the day.”

He is giving talks at Wind Cave on Mondays, Wednesdays, and most Fridays throughout the summer.

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