Will Rowan Grace perform live on The Voice tonight? Be sure to watch and vote!

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Although November 8 was the day that America’s voice was heard as people around the country got out to vote, November 14 begins the process when your vote is needed again to ensure that local singer Rowan Grace’s voice continues to be heard on The Voice.

Rowan Grace’s interview with NewsCenter1

Rowan Grace has already performed her way through the Blind Auditions, the Battle Rounds and the Knockout Rounds. Monday night begins the Live rounds on The Voice. Now that Live Performance Shows are beginning, Rowan Grace will compete against other top artists in hopes of earning votes from the audience. America will have the opportunity to save their favorite performer by voting on The Voice app or on NBC.com. Artists with the lowest number of votes will be eligible for an Instant Save. Voting is open Monday from 6pm MST to Tuesday morning at 5am MST.

Rowan Grace

Voting tips from Rowan Grace:

  • On Tuesday, for everyone back home who will see the show an hour later, make sure you are on your phone and on my socials an HOUR before the show on TUESDAY! If I’m in the situation where I need an instant save, I will need you guys to vote BEFORE the show airs.
  • Voting for instant save is only open for a small window while the show is live, so when the show is shown in Mountain Time, voting will be closed.
  • You can vote on the app AND on the website so to get more votes in, I would do both!! Also you can log in and create an account with multiple emails, so if you have more than one email…;)
Rowan Grace Voting


C’mon Rapid City! Let’s show Rowan Grace all of our love and support.

Click HERE to download The Voice app on the App Store ( for iPhone, iPad, or other Apple products)

Click HERE to download The Voice app on Google Play (for most other phones)

You can access Rowan Grace’s Facebook page here and her Instagram  page here.

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