Wildlife fencing to be installed on I-90 near Spearfish


SPEARFISH, S.D. — The South Dakota Department of Transportation will install an eight-foot tall wildlife fence in Spearfish, from Exit 8 – Exit 14 near I-90.

The project is set to begin around March or April 2021 and be completed in early October of the same year.

The intent is to increase safety for individuals traveling in the area by reducing wildlife collisions with vehicles. DOT safety engineers reviewed the data and determined that this stretch of road is one of the top areas in the state for wildlife collisions.

Research and environmental programs run by the DOT also factored in escape ramps and underpass locations to allow the free movement of wildlife. Staff also consulted with other western transportation agencies, wildlife management agencies, and independent researchers to determine the most effective designs and plans for the project.

For more information or questions, contact Kit Bramblee with the South Dakota Department of Transportation’s Environmental Office at 605-773-2428.

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