Wild West Hackin’ Fest

Deadwood's Annual Security Information Conference

Deadwood, SD — The Deadwood Mountain Grand is hosting information security professionals from around the world for the 3rd annual Wild West Hackin’ Fest. The event helps specialists get a better understanding of what hackers are doing to break into networks so they can better defend their own networks. While there were many info-sec professionals present, the event is open to anyone with an interest.

John Strand, the owner of Black Hills Information Security says, “Yeah, we have everything, from people that are doing very heavy research for the United States government to people that are just casual info-sec enthusiasts that like the space. It’s dynamic, it’s interesting, and you know, it’s this good and evil right. You have bad hackers trying to steal our data and we have all walks of life here as well.”

The Hackin’ Fest includes 2 days of conferences and 2 days of training. The event will wrap up Friday with an awards ceremony and after party.

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