Why you should shop locally: Here’s a few businesses in Rapid City to visit any day of year

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Small businesses in Rapid City were pretty busy for Small Business Saturday.

Most places had deals, specials and even giveaways if you purchased certain items.Roamn Around4

Why you should shop locally:

  • You are supporting other people in the community
  • For many people it’s their only job, so you would be helping them put food on the table
  • Many local business also shop locally, keeping the money in the area
  • There is also a smaller environmental impact because items aren’t shipped to different locations across the country or the world

Although they might not have Small Business Saturday sales throughout the year, you can still check out a few of these small businesses in Rapid City.

20 small businesses in the Rapid City Area:

And this obviously doesn’t list all of the local stores or even restaurants that you can stop at.

Whos Toy House

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