Why ‘pressing your luck’ and driving drunk isn’t worth it

RAPID CITY, S.D. – With so many options available, law enforcement is reminding those who go out to celebrate this Saint Patrick’s Day that they should not drive home if they’ve been celebrating with alcohol.

Phoning a friend, family member, taxi, or ride share service are just a few options to find a safe way to return home to loved ones and friends.

Drive SafelyBrendyn Medina, Public Information Officer with the Rapid City Police Department, says they’ve already seen 119 DUI arrests this year, and they’ll be on the lookout for impaired drivers to keep the roads and those on them as safe as possible.

“If you are showing signs of impairment and you’re driving, you’re pulled over. If we determine that you are too impaired to safely operate that motor vehicle, we have a no tolerance policy when it comes to DUI,” Medina says. “You will be placed in handcuffs. You’ll be transported to the jail and you will face the consequences of a DUI.”

Medina adds that it’s a good idea to go out with a plan on how you’ll get home, so you don’t risk your own life or the lives of anyone else.

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