Why is voting important? See what Rapid City locals have to say.

Election DayRAPID CITY, S.D.– Voters in the Black Hills have one last chance to get their ballots in before Tuesday night. And as they headed to the pools, here is what they had to say on the importance of participating in the election.

Marlon Bunney

“My folks always voted. So I guess I am another generation moving forward. I think that’s one of our greatest freedoms if you want your voice to be heard.”

Joe Burmeister


“I  have always voted my entire life. I was brought up in a family that taught me the value of voting and how important it is. And we know that many people laid their lives on the line to give us the right to have our voices heard. so it’s important to me.”

Linn and Billie Bettelyoun

“It is important for everybody to get out and vote because you need to have your voice heard and and on important issues and I think, governor is one important issue and judges and and other legislature people and and also the two initiatives.”

“I agree with my wife, she said it all.”

Carlie Johnson

“I do think it is important because besides lobbying, which not everyone has time for and running for office to fix the issues you care about, which again, not everyone has time for voting is your one say in democracy and what issues get solved and what issues get ignored. It is all about who you elect to represent you.”

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