Whitewood Volunteer Fire Department rehab trailer a key asset to community

Whitewood Vfd Rehab TrailerWHITEWOOD, S.D. — For the past couple of years, Whitewood’s Volunteer Fire Department has had a very important asset.

Upon firefighter request, the department’s rehab trailer is dispatched to the scene to help cool them down in summer or warm them up in winter.

“We have coffee, hot chocolate, food. Whether it be during the night we have dry food in here or if it’s during business hours, we get sandwiches, stuff like that. Plus it provides them a place to relax,” Whitewood Volunteer Fire Department Secretary Treasurer Holly Bauer explained. “And normally there’s EMT’s or somebody available that takes vitals just to make sure it’s safe for them to go back on the scene.”

The trailer can run continuously for around seven hours.

Whitewood officials say they’re ready to send it anywhere in the surrounding area.

So far, it’s come to the aid of first responders in Meade, Lawrence, and Butte counties.

“All they’ve got to do is just page it out through their local dispatch and then we can go with it. All of the other local auxiliaries know about it and have helped us get to where we are,” Bauer said. “And along with the other local fire departments. They’ve recognized that we have it and they’ve used it on-scene.”

Members are currently looking into upgrading the trailer to help more personnel on-scene.

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