Whitewood sees a new rise in city development

WHITEWOOD, S.D. – Following an easing of building requirements amid the pandemic, the small city of Whitewood is seeing a development boom.

Whitewood Sign

Whitewood Sign

Whitewood Sign

It issued 40 building permits for commercial and residential in 2021. The largest was valued at over $400,000, which will house a high-speed internet provider and should be completed soon.

The tough part for builders, however, is finding land.

“The city is looking into annexing some new land within the city limits,” Whitewood Building Inspector Jim Smit said. “That will take some time, it’s got to go through referendums and things of that nature. And as that happens, the planning and zoning will re-evaluate some land and maybe replot some land to subdivision or residential.”

Many projects do not have a timeline yet because of the search, but the city is still looking ahead.

“The city council right now, they’re looking for the big future. So until such land is annexed in, then we can start thinking about expansion,” Smit explained. “And water, sewer, infrastructure. Things of that nature.”

The final valuation for all of the permits issued in Whitewood last year totaled over $3 million.

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