White River School District receives huge donation

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Photo Credit : White River Schools website

WHITE RIVER, S.D. – The White River School District received a mysterious email in mid-September. The email suggested that a donor would like to make a gift to the White River School. First-year Superintendent Louie Krogman was very skeptical of the email and did not initially reply. “I was sure this was a spam email that was targeted towards schools and I forwarded it to Dale Bernthal our district technology coordinator to vet the email,” said Krogman. Mr. Bernthal agreed it was probably spam, but when the source emailed Krogman again, the curiosity became even greater.

The next day Krogman reached out via telephone in the early morning assuming no one would answer, but to his surprise, the person answered and confirmed the donation was real. “I was speechless when I heard the amount of the donor gift,” Krogman recalled, “I was still sure that it definitely was not real.” There were then many more conversations between Superintendent Krogman and the donor host contact confirming the amount, instructions, and confidentiality.

Finally, on October 14, the White River School District received, via wire transfer, a $1.5 million donation from a Seattle-based donor group called Lost Horse, LLC., a philanthropic agency funded by MacKenzie Scott. “There are no strings attached to the donation and the district is free to use the
money towards the improvement of the educational well-being of our students across the White River School District,” said Krogman.

There is not much else known about how, or why, White River School District was targeted for the donation, but the district is very thankful. Superintendent Krogman finished by saying, “this still feels like a dream. I am so thankful for the donation, and cannot wait to see it used effectively to continue to promote positivity and growth throughout our district.”

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