Whether in the road or the air, Rapid City residents can expect the snow to impact travels

RAPID CITY, S.D.– With more details becoming available on the incoming snow to the Rapid City and Black Hills region, city and airport officials are reminding residents of the impacts the snow will have.


According to Marketing, Communications, and Air Service Development Manager for the Rapid City Regional Airport Megan Johnson, the best thing to do is to check your flight. “You can do that a couple of different ways. One is visiting our website.  Another option is downloading the app that you’re flying with. Airlines apps like United, Delta, and so on– they will send you push notifications direct to your cell phone if there’s any changes to your flight status.”

On the roads in Rapid City, especially in the downtown area, signage on the streets signals important roadways for snow removal operations. And while plows and workers are removing snow in the streets, main areas such as Omaha Street and Main Street must remain clear for maximum snow removal. “We have a lot of people that try to get in front of our equipment and we’re just trying to make it safer for them,” Rapid City Streets Division Superintendent Dale Pfeifle said. “And if they then get in front of us and we get stuck or something would happen. That’s kind of why we’re out there. So that doesn’t happen. Our biggest concern is to make the streets as safe as possible for the traveling public.”

Rapid City roads and airport

Snow removal

According to Pfeifle, the snowplows make their way across 1500 miles of car lanes on the roads. While working, they prioritize roadways such as interstates and state highways needed for emergency vehicles and first responders, then work on roadways such as school routes in the Black Hills. Residential areas only require the need for plows if they accumulate six inches or more of snow. “If we sent every plow out and they had their plows down, you’d have people stuck in every intersection all over town because of the windrows that would be being left,” Pfeifle explained. “So when we plow, we plow from center line to curb line. It is a more efficient, effective way to remove the snow. And then we have a chase vehicle that will follow up and treat the intersections accordingly.”

Delayed or canceled flights

If flights are delayed or even canceled, Johnson urges safety at the forefront of every decision. And if stuck waiting for a flight, the airport will remain open. “The terminal is open 24 hours a day,” she said. “So if your flight is canceled, you will have somewhere warm to grab a meal and shelter.

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