When to replace your roof

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RAPID CITY S.D. – Homeownership is no small feat. With everything that needs to be looked after, it can be easy to forget about essential repairs, such as those that need to be made to your roof. Roofs, like anything else, wear down over time and need to be replaced, and replacing a bad roof is important in avoiding bigger problems down the road. Often, homeowners wait until the last minute to conduct roof repairs, however, doing so places the entire structure at risk.

According to Mary Reyes, wife to the owner of Francisco’s Roofing, there are warning signs to look out for to know when it is time to replace your roof.

The first step in checking to see if you need to replace your roof is not outside but in your attic. Under the eaves, search for water stains and streaks or beams of light coming through the top of the house, especially after a rainstorm, this is a clear indicator that your roof has leaks and needs replacing.

The next thing you should look at is the shingles on the outside of the home. Shingles should lie flat against the roof, so be aware of any cupping or curling that begins to happen. You should also look for patches, cracks, and damage that appear on the surface. According to Reyes, “make sure to check the gutters for shingle granules, shingles that shed granules have reached the end of their life cycle.”

An easy way to tell when it is time to replace your roof is by looking at your home records. Knowing when your roof was installed and what it is made of can clue you into when it is time to get a new one. Your typical asphalt roof will last about 20 to 25 years, so going longer than that without replacing it could spell trouble.

When you hire someone to replace your roof, you need to make sure you get the right person, according to Mary Reyes, “It’s important to make sure they’re licensed and insured, and that they’re local so that if there ever is an issue they can come back and take care it.” Francisco Reyes, owner of Francisco’s Roofing, has been roofing for eighteen years and has been doing it on his own for seven. If you are still unsure if your roof has been damaged to the point of needing replacing, Francisco’s Roofing offers free inspections and estimates.

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