When can you get your Christmas Tree from the Club for Boys


Club For Boys Trees 8RAPID CITY, S.D. — A strong scent of pine is again filling the air at Rapid City’s Club for Boys. Hundreds of pines delivered Monday for the club’s annual Christmas tree sale.
Two truck loads carrying a total of 1,400 trees were unloaded and sorted with more being harvested from the forest for the sale. 11 varieties of trees will be on the lot, coming from Oregon and Michigan, as well as Ponderosa Pines harvested here in the Black Hills.

The Christmas sale is the club’s biggest fundraiser of the year and serves as job experience for the boys. Club for Boys Assistant Executive Director Mark Kline says, “We actually have twenty that volunteered to be Christmas tree sellers and part of that is to learn to be on time and follow a schedule and help customers. And so all those things are wound up into what we’re trying to do here as well.”

Clubs for Boy’s staffers receiving a little extra help unloading. For the second year in a row volunteers from Lloyd Companies gave a hand with the heavy lifting. Lloyd Companies Property Manager Sam Wylie says, “The Club for Boys is an amazing organization. We’ve been really fortunate to partner with them on a few different occasions, one of which is a tax credit property called heartland heights. And then really any volunteer opportunity that we can help serve the community we love that.”

The Rapid City Club for Boys Christmas Tree sale kicks off next week on November 21. The nation wide Christmas Tree shortage is not limiting the amount of trees at the club, according to Assistant Executive Director Mark Kline they have about the same amount of trees as the previous year.


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