What’s new at the Dahl

RAPID CITY, S.D. – On top of preparing to host the Black Hills Indian Artist Market, brand-new exhibits are coming to the Dahl Arts Center. First up is the Governor’s Biennial Art Exhibition.

Photo courtesy of Black Hills Knowledge Network

Since 2003, the display featuring in-state artists has traveled across parts of South Dakota. A total of 66 pieces across different mediums will be on display.

Rapid City is its last stop, but will be in town through the Spring of next year.

“The Governor’s Biennial Exhibit will start tomorrow night, Friday evening it will open. And then we have our permanent collection in one of the galleries,” Rapid City Arts Council Executive Director Mark Rambow explained. “We have Rachel Brownlee here in our lobby gallery. An amazing show that we have. And then we have Bob Miller’s show is going to be entering our Brennan gallery. So we have a lot of new art up for the community to see.”

Bob H. Miller’s Happy Medium exhibit will open on December 10.

Miller is a local artist who incorporates reflectors in his art pieces, as guests stumble around in darkness to see them.

Those in the exhibit will need a flashlight or headlamp to really enjoy it.

“It’s fluorescent in its nature, and so the room is going to be dark,” Rambow said. “And you’ll be able to access the art with headlamps and flashlights and that sort of thing. So, it’s going to give it a real otherworldly kind of effect.”

The Dahl is open regularly Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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