What you can do to defend against “Porch Pirates”

RAPID CITY, S.D. — With more people ordering packages for the holidays, especially due to the pandemic, the Rapid City police department is warning the public of those who steal their packages.

The RCPD acknowledges that “Porch Pirates” are a problem for online shoppers in the community and say that the crime certainly increases during the holiday shopping time of year.

They encourage those who order online to take advantage of shipping services which allow you to give specific instructions to keep it out of the hands of the pirates.

Brendyn Medina, RCPD Public Information Officer, says “Some shipping services allow you to designate where you want the package dropped off, so maybe instead of having it dropped off on the front porch, find a secure place around the back where it’s more of out of sight.”

Medina says that a doorbell camera is a good idea as well as security cameras and that you can always ask a trusted neighbor, family member or friend to look out for the package for you if you know you’re not going to be around.

Another option is checking with your workplace to make sure it would be okay to have the package delivered there.

Medina also said to report any incident of theft as you might not be the only one. If others also report it, this could help the RCPD to develop a pattern which could help to create more leads in the investigation.

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