What to do if you hit a deer


RDeer 1APID CITY, S.D.– Living in the Black Hills means living with wildlife. Unfortunately, many of those interactions are on the road. Conservation officers with South Dakota Game Fish & Parks recommend staying extra alert behind the wheel and drive slower in areas where wildlife are known to be active. They say it’s especially important during dawn and dusk hours when more deer are out.

What To Do If You Hit Deer

However, sometimes collisions are unavoidable. GF&P says when you do hit an animal your first call should be to local law enforcement. From there officers can contact the appropriate people to deal with the animal and take a report. Sometimes deer will run off after they’re hit. Officers say if they wander on your property do not approach them. Jason Hamar, SD GF&P Conservation Officer says, “They can be dangerous. If they feel threatened and do have enough energy to get up and attack, they will attack.”

If you do happen upon an injured animal you can call Game Fish & Parks customer service at (605)223-7660.

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