What is the meaning behind the POW-MIA table at the SD Mines Veterans Day Salute?



Img 0405RAPID CITY, S.D. – As Veterans Day approaches, we should be reminded what sacrifices the men and women who served have made.

At the SD Mines Veteran’s Day Salute, they payed homage to the ultimate sacrifice. The Prisoner of War and Missing in Action table is fairly common at Veteran’s Day events.




The table is full of symbolism. Let’s break down what the different items at the table mean:

  • The table is set for one, representing the isolation felt by prisoners of war.
  • The white table cloth represents the purity of their intentions .
  • The red rose signifies the blood that they shed as a sacrifice to their country.
  • The red ribbon, tied around the vase, is symbolic of the determination to account for the missing.
  • The slice of lemon on the plate serves as a reminder of their bitter fate.
  • The pile of salt represents the countless tears of their families as they wait.
  • The book represents the many faiths that have provided strength.
  • The glass is turned upside down because the fallen can not toast with us.
  • The chair is empty, they are not here.
  • The candle is the light of hope, so that they can find their way home.

Let this serve as a reminder to thank a veteran, because you may not know what they’ve had to sacrifice.


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