“What I Meant to Say,” a Dorothy Rosby evening

For two nights, the BHCT 'Well Done Players' will bring to life the work of local writer, Dorothy Rosby.

The funny, heartwarming stories of local woman Dorothy Rosby will be an insightful look at the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

Dave DeChristopher, Black Hills Community Theatre Education & Outreach, says, “The first act is based on her first book which is parenting mostly and the second one is a little more edgy and curmudgeonly and is her observations on contemporary life. And by having 10 actresses interpret her words, it brings to life all the different facets of her personality, which I think is really wonderful.”

Wendy Lowe, a ‘Well Done Players’ actress, notes, “It’s really exciting because Dorothy Rosby has a knack for touching on the ordinary and difficult times in our lives and things that are just annoying, and making them hysterical.”

Melanie Wilcox, an original member of the ‘Well Done Players,’ says, “I related to so many of the things, that it brought back memories of me raising my sons, and thoughts that I think most of us have had at times. So it kind of is a universal thing that most people will be able to relate to and enjoy, smile and laugh.”

“I have never met Dorothy Rosby but I have seen several of her pieces and every time they make me smile or laugh out loud or say, ‘I’ve been there,'” says Pat Kickery, a ‘Well Done Players’ actress.

Dorothy Rosby, author, says, “I guess I would describe my humor, my writing as self depreciating humor or in some cases us deprecating, all of humanity, all of our faults and foibles. When you write about yourself, it’s actually a great way to get readers to look at themselves ya know. I tell stories about me, then I have readers come to me and say ‘oh I did the same thing’ or ‘I thought the same thing,’ so I really enjoy that, that it is really relatable to my audience.”

The performance of  “What I meant to say,” will be March 15th at 7:30pm and March 18th at 2:00pm at the BHCT Studio Theatre, click here for more information.

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