What did Tyrannosaurus rex use its arms for? Scientists want to find out

T. Rex Arm Study Tyrannosaurus rex can’t do push-ups. Or…maybe it can?

It turns out, scientists just don’t know what the dinosaur could do with those dinky looking arms. So a group of them in Chicago are trying to find out.

Researchers removed an arm from a the skeleton of a T. rex named Sue at the Field Museum in Chicago on Monday, and they’re going to put it through a CT Scan so they can create digital models.

From there, the scientists hope they’ll be able to measure the range of motion of the joints. The scans and digital models will help them determine just how strong and versatile those little arms actually were.

“And there’s all these funny jokes about like, ‘T. rex can’t clap its hands,’ and ‘It can’t play drums,’ or, you know, do push ups,” said Jingmai O’Connor, Associate Curator, Field Museum. “But jokes aside, the proportions of these four limbs are very strange, but at the same time, the limbs are not vestigial, they’re not, you know, in the, they’re not in the process of being lost.”

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