Western Dakota Tech hosts Scrubs Camp for high schoolers

RAPID CITY, S.D. – Students throughout the area were able to get hands-on experience when it comes to working in the medical field thanks to one of Western Dakota Tech’s career exploration camps.

Suzy Brandt, Instructor at Western Dakota Tech

On Wednesday, it was the students at W.D.T. that were teaching the lessons at this twice a year “scrubs camp.” High schoolers got the chance to take a patient’s pulse, put in an I.V., administer a shot, and even try working in the field as a paramedic. When it comes to studying what this career field is all about, the instructors at W.D.T. say it’s never too early for them to learn to experience first-hand what it’s really all about.

“They get a little glimpse of what the skills their gonna be learning. What they’ll be doing in those careers. Try to get them excited and give them a chance to kind of try out some things and see what career they might be interested in,” said Suzy Brandt, an instructor at W.D.T.

Kirby Anderson, student at Western Dakota Tech

Kirby Anderson is about to graduate from W.D.T. and she was one of the instructors at the camp. She says this a great chance for kids to really see if the medical career is something they want to pursue. “It’s giving them a lot of insight into what it is that they would be getting into in the long-run. They get to visit with us and ask any questions that they might have about what we experience while we’re in school and kind of the good and the bad,” said Anderson.

So if you know a high school teen in the area who is interested in

pursuing career in nursing, paramedics, or any one of the exciting opportunities in the medical field click here to find out more about when this career exploration camp will happen again or to check all the other ones that W.D.T. has to offer.

High school students learning how to put in IV’s at Western Dakota Tech’s Scrubs Camps

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