West River legislators weigh-in on Ravnsborg impeachment

PIERRE, S.D. — As the possible impeachment of Ravnsborg looms, local state lawmakers are weighing in on the crisis. The number two Republican in the house – Tim Goodwin of Hill City – wrote an article over the weekend asking for Ravnsborg to resign.

He says its best for everyone for the Attorney General to step down before a trial.

“What I want him to do is to resign so we don’t get to that, that’s what I would like. I would like him to resign for his own personal, mental, and for the victims of the family and for the state. I would like him to resign,” said Rep. Goodwin.

Rapid City District 34 Rep. Mike Derby said that he wasn’t willing to comment until he looks into more details about the investigation.

District 33 Rep. Taffy Howard says while the death of Joseph Boever is a tragedy, “I do believe we need to allow the wheels of justice to turn and allow the process to be completed.  In this country, we believe you are innocent until proven guilty and I believe we need to recognize due process.”

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