West River Electric: “disruptions call for broader discussions on energy nationwide”

PIERRE, S.D. — Governor Kristi Noem again taking on President Biden, after a dozen-or-so states experienced rolling blackouts amid the nation’s deep freeze.

In a statement, Noem said, “An America First energy policy is critically important for the continued success of our great nation.”

After the Southwest Power Pool limited certain stations across portions of South Dakota, West River Electric’s CEO, Dick Johnson, says the disruptions call for broader discussions on energy nationwide.

An inadequate supply of natural gas led briefly to falling short of meeting demand.

Looking long-term, Johnson says making sure adequate supply is available is not the only challenge.

“And the other thing you run into isn’t just the base load – we can build a power plant here in our area, but we don’t have near enough power need – so how do we get it out of here? That’s the other thing we run into. We don’t have the transmission capacity to get it from point a to point b,” Johnson said.

As for the area served by West River Electric, Johnson says they plan to continue building-up infrastructure to accommodate population growth.

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