Wellfully’s youth helps to clean up Art Alley

RAPID CITY, S.D. – The youth from Wellfully’s Behavioral Health Care Unit (BHCU) came together Monday morning to help make Art Alley look a little cleaner.

They walked around with trash bags and gloves to pick up trash that was littered throughout the alley. It’s a great way for them to get these kids out in the community to give back. Art Alley wasn’t chosen just because it needed to be cleaned up, but because it’s helpful in teaching the kids at Wellfully a life lesson through art.

“So we chose the art alley because we think it’s really important for the kids to be involved in the community, to learn what the art means and to teach them how to express and use coping skills in a positive and health way,” said Stacey Heller, a Youth Care Worker for Wellfully.

Wellfully provides services to the youth in our area for addiction and behaviors and it even provides them a place to live to get counseling.




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