WellFully hosts holiday drive to light memorial tree

RAPID CITY, S.D. — WellFully Premier Adolescent Care Center for young people struggling with addiction is holding a holiday drive to help fulfill special promise.

WellFully moved about a year ago to its new facility on Waterloo Street in Rapid City. Also making the move, a 12-foot blue spruce tree, which is dedicated to the memory of a one-time resident named Casey. Casey completed the treatment program, but later died of an overdose in 2008.

When WellFully made the move, Casey’s family did not want the tree left behind and paid to have it uprooted and re-planted. Now, WellFully needs donations to help fulfill a promise to the family.

And I promised him that I would try to get lights so that at Christmas time we would decorate and light up Casey’s Tree, because its got a clear view from Omaha Street. And it will be the tree for the kids that are here, as well as a sign of hope for kids in Rapid City that are struggling. There’s always a safe place for them to come.” said Rich Cartney, Chief Operating Officer, WellFully.

Cartney says his goal is to have an annual Christmas tree lighting, with Casey’s family joining in the ceremony.

If you would like to make a donation, WellFully is located at 22 Waterloo Street.

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