Week of the Clipper: Multiple small systems expected through this weekend

A wind advisory will kick off this week, followed by multiple smaller systems bringing possible gusty winds and light snow

  • After a fairly windy weekend, we’ll start the week off on the breezy side and mostly sunny skies.
  • Temperatures could hit 40°, but winds will make it difficult to enjoy the mild temperatures.

  • A Wind Advisory will be in effect for areas North of the Black Hills for 50 MPH wind gusts out of the Northwest.
  • It’ll be a fast moving cold front – hopefully won’t be seeing the 70 mph wind gusts like we saw Sunday!
  • Things should calm down by about 6 this evening.

  • Monday night into Tuesday could see a few snow showers move through the region, with slightly cooler temperatures in the 20s and 30s.
  • The snow showers will be fast moving, on and off and shouldn’t bring too much in the way of accumulations across the region – a trace for most of us.

  • Throughout this week, we’ll have a series of low impact, fast moving events that are associated with our Northwest Flow.
  • These events could bounce around a bit on the 7-day, but just know that as of right now no major events can be seen from the crows nest as of right now.
  • Colder temperatures looks likely by Friday and Sunday, with an arctic plunge likely by next week


I know I preach about the jet stream more than most, but it’s just so darn useful. We have Northwesterly flow – so the forecast should be for many small systems, clippers, cooler temperatures and windy conditions. Has that forecast verified over the last week? I would say so… (not patting myself on the back here, I was off on winds by about 20 MPH on Sunday…). Expect much of the same this week as multiple small system strafe the area with periods of snow showers and breezy conditions.

Finally, after talking about this “cold plunge” for about a week it finally is showing itself in the 7 day. Its showed up about 3-4 days later than what the long range showed back on Christmas – but it’s there and we could be talking some decently chilly temperatures by Sunday evening in the single digits. We’ll see just how cold we could be moving forward, but nothing extreme thus far is expected – just more chilly than we’ve been through December. Have a great week everyone! -Brant

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