Wednesday Rally Forecast: Cooler, cloudier, with chance for stray thunderstorms

Storms never got going yesterday in the Black hills, leaving a nice dry sunny day, we could avoid storms once again today, but it'll be a little cooler and a little more cloudy

  • A little bit cooler and cloudier today, with highs in the 70s and 80s across the region
  • No thunderstorms in the Black Hills yesterday, and we could avoid most storm activity today as well, but its not a guarantee

  • Dew points, for the most part, will be below the 60° mark for most of the day
  • This wont eliminate thunderstorm chances, but it definitely takes away a key ingredient for thunderstorms, which is surface moisture
  • Our timeline will be a little different today, with isolated showers and storms coming through North to South, around the 12-3 PM hours, and then clearing will take place through this afternoon

  • So, overall a good day to ride and explore the hills, just need to dodge a few morning and lunchtime showers
  • Isolated strong storm activity can’t be taken off the table, but i’m anticipating very little due to low dew points and lack of sunshine.
  • Heat is a key ingredient, lack of sunshine will suppress this ingredient!

  • Wednesday night into Thursday morning could have a few isolated showers, so if you’re camping you’ll want the top cover just in case
  • Thursday morning should stay relatively dry, with showers and thunderstorms beginning to move through Wyoming towards lunchtime, and then the energy will push through the Black Hills right around the 1-4 PM hour
  • These will be more widespread, and less of the spotty variety that we’ve become accustom to over the last week or so

  • Temperatures will at least be in the upper 70s and lower 80s, with some sunshine in the mornig and early afternoon
  • Dew points are going to start creeping above 60° once again, not only in the foothills but in the higher elevations of the Black Hills. I’m going to keep strong thunderstorms in the forecast for Thursday because of this

  • Thursday night will be a completely different ballgame, with scattered showers and thunderstorms expected to rumble across the hills
  • These could be strong, with gusty winds, isolated hail and most importantly torrential rainfall which could lead to localized flash flooding
  • It is vitally important that you have a way to receive warnings overnight, particularly if you are camping or are exposed to the elements

We’ll know more about Thursday’s forecast early tomorrow morning, but both Thursday and Friday are looking to be on the stormy side. No reason to cancel plans just yet, but having a contingency plan at this point would be wise in case things do get a little stormy. We avoided thunderstorms in the Black hills Tuesday, and hopefully for those wishing to explore the hills we can do so again today! Always keep an eye on the sky though, The Black Hills always save the biggest surprises for the unprepared. It’s science. We’ll be sure to update you on any developments throughout the day, but make sure to enjoy the Hills regardless! Be safe out there – Brant

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