Wednesday forecast: Sunny skies followed by another clipper

Sunny and dry conditions will precede another fast moving clipper this evening, bringing rain/snow showers and even a rumble of thunder being possible.

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  • Things will start out sunny and mild, with clouds moving in by the afternoon hours.
  • Temperatures could hit 60° in Rapid City, with 50s across the plains of SD and Wy, 40s expected in the higher elevations.

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  • Clouds will start moving in earlier for portions of Campbell and Sheridan County, signaling the next fast-moving system progged for later this evening.

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  • By this afternoon, a few snow/rain showers…. even a couple rumbles of thunder… will be moving through the SD plains and NE Wyoming.
  • Snow is expected for the higher elevations – mostly in quick bursts here and there much like yesterday.

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  • Advisory criteria winds could accompany the passage of this cold front, gusting up to 40-50 MPH in some cases North of the Black Hills.

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  • Mostly clear skies are expected after the 7-9 PM hour, with brisk Northwesterly winds moving in.
  • Few areas could see leftover showers overnight South of the Black Hills and along I-25 in Wyoming, but otherwise dry.

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  • Thursday will be cooler, but sunny with temperatures in the 30s and 40s.
  • Overall clear skies are expected to last all the way through Saturday morning.

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  • Higher winds are expected early Thursday morning into the lunch hour from the Northwest.
  • These could also be advisory criteria, with fire danger being a distinct concern through each of these wind events in the grasslands.

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  • Friday is in tip top shape, temperatures in the 50s and 60s with plenty of sunshine and calm winds.
  • Saturday could easily see temperatures in the upper 60s and lower 70s, with the next sign of rain/snow Sunday night into Monday.

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